February 1, 2013

A Dispatch from New Zealand

The heading above may come as a surprise, but your humble blogger and certifiable Patriot, is presently an expatriate residing in the New Zealand city of Hamilton.

It's about 10:15PM here on February 1st. I am ensconced in The Quadrant, a local watering hole, on the corner of Victoria and Alma Streets in downtown Hamilton. The people are friendly here and the beer is cheap. With my hotel less than a block away, I could certainly find more pressing things to complain about. Folks driving on the wrong side of the road comes to mind. My life has flashed before my eyes no less than twice since I've been here. 

Much like America, New Zealanders love their sport. Perhaps it's a premonition but New Zealand is currently kicking America's ass in rugby. In other news, America has a rugby team!?! Of course, by most accounts, Rugby is a bit like the NFL - minus the fan base, hitting, talent level, and multimillion dollar salaries of the U.S. In all, it's rather endearing to watch really.

For those interested, my travels have brought me to Middle Earth for a purpose - although the past few days have admittedly been filled with leisure. On Monday, I will take up my appointment as a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Waikato's Maori And Indigenous Governance Centre. The fellowship will be a tremendous opportunity to use the research in my dissertation regarding the construction of a libertarian framework for indigenous rights, and make real world analyses and applications to the governance mechanisms of the Maori people and other indigenous entities. All of which is a convoluted way of saying that I hope to see if my work in legal theory has any basis in the real world of policy making and whether libertarian perspectives of freedom and human rights add anything to the conversation.

Having neither lived nor worked abroad, I'm not sure what to expect. But the opportunity is a once-in-a-lifetime event and the staff at the MIGC have been incredibly supportive and gracious.

I hope to have many more updates as the New Zealand summer wears on. For now, I am pleased to have settled in and to have arrived safely.

More to come.

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Gwyn said...

All I can say is, I wish we were there with you!! :) Enjoy the rugby games for me - I've always been intrigued. We all miss you here - I can't wait for you to give us the grand tour when we're there!! LOVE YOU!!! :)

Unknown said...

U have all of our prayers Son. AWESOME Blogspot...sounds like the perfect opportunity for u!

Tory said...

@Gwyn - I will be counting down the days until we can arrange for your trip. It's a blessing to be here but blessings are so much better when shared with you.

@Dad - Glad you enjoyed the post. I think it'll be a productive adventure. I'm thankful that things have gone so well thus far!

Anonymous said...

Nick-Greetings from America. I hope you've shaken the jet lag and the family is well. I hope you find your theories to be just as good in practice as paper and that your work is for the benefit of many. Enjoy the rugby, whatever that is and have a cold one for me.

Tory said...

Nick - So glad to hear from a buddy Stateside. Gwyn and Clark have retained their patriotism for now and remain in Oklahoma. We're hoping they can come from a truncated visit in March and for the summer in June and July.

I hear good things about Rugby but I can't help comparing it to the NFL and find it wanting. We'll see. Baby steps.

By the by, I'll drop an Email to you soon. Wondering if we can get on FaceTime for a video chat. It's been a surprisingly handy way to keep in touch with the fam on a regular basis.

Hope classes and the like aren't getting you down. Look forward to catching up soon.


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