January 15, 2013

Book Review Preview

Between travel plans and home renovations, the first few weeks of 2013 have been consumed with nearly every task imaginable except for reading.

The books mentioned in my last dispatch are certainly in the queue, but I was excited to share another book with you that is releasing in paperback later this month with a review from yours truly to follow.

According to the press release:

CANADA, the latest novel from Pulitzer Prize winner Richard Ford, is a powerful, suspenseful story of misadventure and malevolence that explores large themes of identity, culpability, and the ineluctable bonds that tie us to the past. Ford’s first book in nearly six years, it is a compulsively-readable, uncompromising tale in which a host of transgressions—including bank robbery, kidnapping, abandonment and murder—shape the life of its protagonist: a fifteen-year-old boy compelled to forge his own way when his insular family implodes. With prose at once spare and luminous, Ford renders the desolate beauty of Montana and Saskatchewan as only a great writer can, providing the perfect backdrop for this spellbinding look at the dark side of the American experience.

Again, I hope to have the review posted soon. For those wanting to snag a copy in advance, the novel releases in paperback on January 22, 2013.

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DIA said...

it seems like nice book.

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