Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Presidential Rumblings: Jon Huntsman

I've bitterly complained to anyone who will listen that I do not have a horse in the 2012 GOP Presidential Primary. But one unannounced candidate that has kept my attention is former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman.

Huntsman has already been ridiculed for being a moderate (see here, here, and, not really, but kinda, here), and only a couple of months ago the criticism was so withering that Yours Truly even dubbed his campaign 'dead'.

Of course, in politics, you are only dead if you tweet lewd photos of your "No-Nos" to random Twitter followers, and, really, even that isn't enough to do you in (Here's looking at you Anthony Weiner).

Fast forward from my premature obituary, and the brouhaha surrounding Huntsman's friendly communiques to Obama seems to have largely subsided.

In the span of time since my political death knell, the man has corralled a number of big-time donors, and committed some of his considerable financial assets toward a nascent campaign for President.

Judging from this newly released campaign video, Huntsman is set to announce his Presidential bid in six days. Be warned, the video is utterly void of substance, but it has a nice fiddle track playing in the background and who can fault intro music like that.

What makes Huntsman even more compelling than his obvious ability to handle a dirt bike is his willingness to embrace a wide range of issues. He wields an obvious commitment to life as he discussed the adoption of his daughter at the FFC Conference last month:

But he has also called for bipartisan solutions to national problems. The most famous example of this was his speech at the University of South Carolina back in May.

In all, as my friend aptly summed up, Huntsman would be a formidable candidate in the general election - if only he could somehow manage to eke out a win in the GOP Primary. If only...

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