Bike Riding in Tucson?

by - April 23, 2011

Bike Sign TucsonI've lived in Tucson nearly four years, and throughout my time here, I have ridiculed the city's efforts to promote commuter bike riding.

As the proud driver of a gas-guzzling Chevy Colorado, I have found the bike lanes in Tucson simply annoying. There is nothing more irritating than making a right turn, and having to wait for every petty kraal of bike-riders in the bike lane to pass before me.

What's astonishing, I suppose, is that there is even a bike lane at all. Alas, Tucson routinely ranks among the top ten bike friendly cities in these states united, and actually does have quite a nice infrastructure developed for cyclists. Even the University of Arizona (home for at least another year), has made significant investments in creating a'bike friendly' campus, and in promoting alternate forms of transportation.

Unsurprisingly, the much-touted green aspect of bike riding isn't terribly appealing to me. But I do like the idea of staying in shape once our Lenten crusade against carbs ends. And all of the above, coupled with the rising costs of gasoline make investing in a bike an increasingly attractive idea.

And I have to admit, this bicycle is especially tempting...

The main question, for now, is whether I can actually give up my scorn for cyclists long enough to visit a bike shop and pick up some new wheels.

Highly unlikely, but stranger things have happened.

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