Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Obama's Early Failure in Moscow

Nary a day into his highly anticipated trip to Russia, and President Obama's efforts to 'reset' US - Russian relations have already been called a spade by the press (!). 

Politico described meaningful change from yesterday's Kremlin pow-wow as elusive - or beltway double talk for failure.
The biggest achievement touted from the summit — and the only document the two men signed — was a nonbinding “joint understanding” setting target ranges for a new round of nuclear arms reductions.

Apparently, in the world of Obama foreign policy, nonbinding, joint understandings are "change we can believe in." Strangely, this seems a lot like the status quo...

But just to be clear, and before the hate-mail comes rolling in, there are no 'winners' in the President's obvious weakness on display before America's antagonists.

At the end of the day, security is an issue that should transcend party, and America is no safer for the President's diplomatic inability. If any Nation looks stronger as a result of these preliminary discussions, it is Russia which has maintained all of its fixed positions on most major issues, ranging from Iran to missile defense.

Further, given that America's nuclear arsenal is bigger than Russia's (even by Russian estimates), and given that Russia's nuclear arsenal is aging, the U.S. really had no strategic, defense incentive to cede so much ground to Moscow as the Obama Administration did today.

The result is a troubling pattern on the part of the President to put international appearances before America's best security interests.

Here's hoping that round two with Prime Minister Putin goes much better.

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