Sunday, April 5, 2009

Obama's Foreign Policy Failure

During the long, hot summer of the 2008 campaign, candidate Obama loudly trumpeted his plan to 'engage' our enemies as a means of bringing about a more peaceful world.

After his election, President Obama trumpeted his plan to use "smart power" (sounds tougher) in dealing with the likes of North Korea and its ilk.

Today, President Obama called for a world without nuclear weapons.

In response to President Obama's warm fuzzies, North Korea shot a satellite equipped missile into orbit over Japan.


Update: Further undermining the President's policy is the utter failure of the UN to respond to the launch.


Christopher Mallow said...

Democrats haven't been worth a darn on foreign policy since at least the Kennedy administration, and many would even argue since the FDR administration. FDR at least understood the need for projection of power, and that all diplomacy is only successful because of a legitmate threat of force behind it. (Or as Tony Stark so eloquently put it, "peace means having a bigger stick than the other guy.") Today's Democrats seem to have no understanding of these concepts whatsoever.

All I can do is notice how much louder and bolder America's enemies and competitors have become, since it became apparent that Mr. Obama would become President...Russia's actions in Georgia (and Putin's continued saber-rattling)...Iran's provocations...and now the wacko in North Korea. Didn't someone say something during the campaign about Obama being tested?

Tory said...

Oddly enough, it was President Obama's Vice-President who predicted that there would be an international crisis should Obama be elected.


Sad to say, but Biden was right, and America is none the safer for it.

Christena said...

Rocket is looking good .,.,.,..,

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