Monday, April 27, 2009

Obama Bungles Early Swine Flu Response

My travels over the weekend took me to sunny Bloomington, Indiana for a bit of r&r with the fiancée before the onslaught of finals.  Taking ample time to enjoy the spring breeze, 80 degree weather, and strawberry wine, law school was but a distant memory.

Little did I know, that my departure for Tucson would 'usher' in the first major pandemic of the century.  (Perhaps it's the law school gods seeking revenge for my wayward studiousness).  Given my mini-vacation, I followed the swine flu news with only passing interest.  But yesterday, I caught up on the pandemic scare with a vengeance. 


As an aside, while sitting in O'Hare Airport yesterday, it occurred to me how daunting a task it would be to contain any pandemic in our era of modern mass transit.  Thousands of people treked across Concourse H from all corners of the globe, and for all I know any one of them could have been a swine flu carrier.  If world governments were genuinely interested in a quarantine of the virus, such a move would have to include shutting down major transportation arteries, like O'Hare, bringing economic activity to a hault.  A prescription like this would almost be worse than the malady.

Nevertheless, while I fretted in O'Hare about the health of our world, it was a true comfort to know that our fearless leader, President Obama, was safely ensconced in the Oval Office and monitoring developments closely.  With Team Obama on the beat, I boarded my flight to Tucson serenely, knowing that no detail would escape the watchful eye of our 44th President. 

And such an assumption would have been true- if by Oval you mean the 18th hole at the Andrew's Air Force Base golf course, and by monitoring events closely you mean carefully calibrating the Presidental swing. 

Yep, while Mexico City trembled, our President was out playing golf.  It isn't exactly fiddling while Rome burned, but the Obama Administration's early response to the swine flu out break is clearly 'on par' with the adage.  (Sorry, couldn't resist). 

But then again, according to Harry Reid, our President 'has a gift'. Apparently this gift includes the ability to ignore serious problems while hitting the links.  Sounds a lot like my vacation.

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